Even though his doctors are demanding he undergo operations for his severe kidney problems, Phillip Phillips is putting the ‘American Idol’ finale first and foremost. Do you think it’s the right decision?

As much as Phillip Phillips steers clear of mainstream music and acts nonchalant about competing on American Idol, the reality show means the world to him. Case in point: he refuses to treat his serious kidney problems until after the finale next week.

Last week during hometown visits, the 21-year-old singer’s doctor never left his side and was incredibly concerned by Phillip’s lack of appetite and pasty complexion, reports TMZ.

“Phillip said he was not going to drop out of the show so the doctor told him he absolutely had to go under the knife immediately after the finale,” the story says. HollywoodLife.com has had the pleasure of catching up with Phillip on a weekly basis - usually on Tuesdays during his rehearsals - and the intense Idol  schedule has clearly taken a toll on him.                 –HL