OKARA - PPP District President and former Punjab labour and manpower minister Mohammad Ashraf Khan Sohna has said that the much trumped up protest movement of the PML-N is facing fracture prior to it could even get momentum. “If the Nawaz-League commits the mistake of so-called long march it will have to face worst humiliation.” Addressing the PPP workers here at Bhutto House the other day, Sohna claimed that the people of Punjab province had fed up with the bitterness of the politics of arrogance Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and his one-man show. “The provincial government has been making tall claims of good governance but on the ground the public have been confronted maladministration and corruption,” he argued. The PPP stalwart claimed that his party would form government in Punjab as well after making a clean sweep in the upcoming general election.

Sohna termed Okara district as the second Larkna for the PPP, adding that development projects worth billions of rupees had either been completed or near completion in the district.

The former provincial minister said that the PPP had always strived for the welfare of the masses and tangible measures would be announced in the upcoming federal budget to provide relief to the masses.