MAILSI - The Punjab government has patronised anti-loadshedding protests-cum-riots and Vehari episode wherein angry mob set ablaze Mepco Complex was planned to damaged democracy and bring a bad name to the PPP government.

“The law and order created by the PML-N in the name of anti-loadshedding protests and its leadership’s statements against the elected prime minister and President is conspiracy against the federal government and democracy,” claimed NA Standing Committee member and MNA Mehmood Hayat Khan alias Toochi Khan while talking to mediamen here the other day.

The PPP leader alleged that the administration of Vehari district was fully involved in the attack on XEN office and different other offices during the protest. He claimed that the sitting Mepco chairman was PML-N-backed that’s why he suspended SE Wapda and XEN without any reason.

Toochi Khan also accused the Mepco chief executive officer of carrying out the “agenda” of the Punjab government. He claimed that the Mepco XEN concerned attempted to submit an application to the SHO concerned for security against protesters and to save the SE and XEN offices through letter no 1278-80, dated 9-5-2012 but the SHO refused to get the application. “This fact stands as testimony that the police and administration aided and abetted the protest-cum-riots on May 10, in Vehari, the very next day of the application,” Toochi Khan detailed.

The PPP leader termed Vehari as the “fort” of his party and warned that the party workers would not tolerate any such happening in the future. He pointed out that the PPP believed in the politics of principles and had committed to reconciliation for the development and prosperity of the country. “The PPP has been doing the politics of reconciliation but that should not be construed as its weakness as the party workers are ready to render any sacrifice to safeguard the government and its ideology,” Toochi Khan elaborated. He urged the PML-N leadership to shun the politic of vendetta as it would only cause harm to the country.