KARACHI - Enraged over continuous power outages, scores of citizens took to the streets, causing massive gridlocks in several city neighbourhoods.The residents of Paposh on Saturday staged a violent protest against the Karachi Electric Supply Company’s (KESC) unannounced long power outages that also caused severe traffic jams in Nazimabad. The protesters burnt tyres on the roads near Khalafat Chwok in Nazimabad area, causing heavy traffic jams, and also chanted slogans against KESC accusing it of deliberately depriving the residents of electricity.Later, heavy contingent of police rushed to the spot and after a baton charge and aerial firing the crowd was disperse.However, an official of KESC claimed that the outages were caused by technical fault and power supply to the area will be restored after completing the repairs. The enraged protestors said that KESC management has claimed that the city was exempted of loadshedding on Sunday. But on the contrary KESC refuted any such claim.The Protestors also alleged that there is no technical fault in their area and no repairing was witnessed in the area. The people demanded the provincial and federal government to take strong action against KESC.'