BAJAUR AGENCY - Salarazi tribesmen in Bajaur tribal region Sunday assured full support to the local administration and security forces in constitution of more peace committees in the border areas and deployment of more volunteers on the posts in sensitive locations bordering Afghanistan.

They said no one would be allowed to accommodate foreigners in the area. They warned if anyone was found involved in militant activities, strict action would be taken against them. The assurance was made by the elders of Salarazi tribe during a grand jirga held at the Raghan area of tehsil Salarazi.

More than 6,000 senior elders belonging to different sub-tribes of Salarazi tribe attended the jirga, wherein the current law and order situation and other matters related to the area were discussed. Addressing the jirga, the tribal elders including Malik Mohammad Younas, Malik Abdul Hakim Khan, Malik Anwar Zeb Khan, Malik Mohammad Yar Khan, Malik Hafiz-ur-Rahman Khan, Malik Abdul Salam and others assured their full support to the administration in maintaining the law and order in the area and keeping writ of the government.

They said that the people of Salarazi were peace loving and patriotic and their loyalty to motherland was beyond any doubt. “The Salarzai tribe always supported the government and it is the only tribe in the entire agency which bravely fought against Taliban since 2008 and never surrendered to militants.”

The elders lauded the efforts of the Salarazi tribesmen for keeping law and order in the area said that fighting with militants was not an easy job. “We fought against the militants who were more power full and strong then us only for a cause and it was to abolished Militancy from the root and to restored peace and stability in the region,” they said, adding that they have succeeded in their mission. The elders said that they would continue their efforts against militants in the area.

They said Salarzi tribesmen are committed and united against militants and as a result of their efforts militant activities have been reduced in border areas. “No one will be allowed to disturb the law and order situation in the area and if anyone involved to accommodate militants in the area. The elders said that they have decided to take stick action against those who supporting militants. Any unknown person will be allowed to stay in the area, if a local found for stayed the militants in his home, serious action would be taken against him, his house will be burnet, all members of his family will be expelled from the area and also to pay amount of one million as a fine. In the jirga completely Ban was also imposed on all kind of firing in the entire Salarazi tehisl. On this occasion, the jirga burned the house of a person involved in the killing of local and also taken from him amount of   rupees one million as a fine.