LAHORE - The situation of Sunday makeshift markets continued to remain pathetic and could not be improved despite repeated visits of the DCO, while vendors kept selling lower quality and rotten fruits and vegetables at higher rates.

A visit to different Sunday Bazaars revealed that price mechanism is failed and fixing the rates of fruits and vegetables has become a routine matter, as it is implemented very little in its true spirit.

Shoppers said that controlling the overcharging and sale of substandard and rotten fruits and vegetables is supposed to the easiest task in Sunday bazaars of the city which are established by town municipal authorities. But these bazaars are factually true points for overcharging where vendors massively overcharge customers while a majority of fruits and vegetables also remain missing there.

Visitors of Sunday bazaars said that the vendors showed good quality fruits and vegetables to the market committee officials at the time of price fixation and later sold lower quality items at higher price. And it is not possible without the connivance of government officials, they said. Official revision of price lists has never seen in Sunday bazaars.

The situation of these bazaars might worsen in coming months while the district management will give good report to higher authorities and things will go as routine.  Like the past, this week again, many fruits and vegetables were not available in the makeshift markets. A majority of seasonal fruits and vegetables were missing while the administration of the bazaars claimed that stocks were sold early in the morning.

The price of potato, new, was reduced by Rs2 per kg and fixed at Rs15 per kg. The rate of onion was increased fixed at Rs20 per kg. It is expected that its price will decrease within couple of day. Tomato price was reduced by Rs5 per kg and fixed at Rs18-22 per kg but sold at Rs25 per kg. Garlic, China, price was fixed at Rs60 per kg. Garlic, Desi, price was fixed at Rs80 per kg and sold at Rs70 per kg. Ginger, China, price was fixed at Rs 80 to 95 per kg and sold at Rs 100 per kg. Spinach rate was reduced by Rs 2 per kg and fixed at Rs8 to 12 per kg and sold up to Rs155 per kg. Brinjal price was fixed at Rs16 per kg from Rs18 per kg. The price of cucumber was fixed at Rs15 per kg and sold at Rs 20 per kg.

Spinach, farm, price was reduced by Re 1 per kg and fixed at Rs10 per kg while rotten spinach, farm, was sold at Rs8 per kg. Cabbage rate was fixed at Rs18 to 20 per kg from Rs25 per kg. Cauliflower price was increased  and fixed at Rs25 per kg form Rs20 per kg but was not available there and outside the bazaars sold at Rs30 per kg. Pumpkin price was raised by Rs2 per kg and fixed at Rs40 per kg and sold at Rs45 per kg. Price of capsicum was stable at Rs15 per kg.