ISLAMABAD  – The President Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) Dr. Murtaza Mughal has said that tax exempted sectors should be brought under the tax net in the next financial year starting from July 1, 2012.While talking to the news agency here on Sunday Dr. Murtaza said that to provide a sigh of relief to the poor who are facing enhanced indirect taxation it was essential to bring tax exempted sectors in the tax net. “It seems that government will compromise its stance on subsidies and rely on slogans to offer a new budget that will suit their political ambitions, he said, adding that no key change will take place in the budget to give a breathing space to reeling masses which will make environment more fragile.He said that our economic trouble shooters have lack of foresight, professionalism, responsibility and political will to take decisions which can result in reforms. The finance team has indulged in record fixing of figures, record printing of currency, record borrowings and record manipulation to give a rosy picture, he claimed.“Unemployment, inflation and poverty should be priority of the government in the next budget so that it may be called a poor friendly budget,” he said, adding that there was need to be allocated sufficient funds for energy, education, health and employment sectors in an attempt to defeat the greatest issue of country and that is poverty.