KARACHI – The Muhajir Sooba Tehreek on Sunday announced to temporarily suspend its organisational activities, but vowed to continue its struggle for a separate province for the Muhajirs.“The government’s tactics to suppress the voice for Muhajir province will not succeed,” MST chief Zahid Hussain said while asserting that the threats from the government and nationalists could not suppress them. He appealed to Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani to take immediate notice of the threats of the Sindhi nationalists and their use of abusive language for the country’s founders.Hussain said his party had decided to suspend its organisational activities because of the biased Sindh government’s conspiracy to create a rift among the law-enforcement agencies and the Muhajir community.The MST chief pointed out that the demands for the formation of new provinces were getting momentum across the country, but in Sindh such a demand was considered to be a crime. He urged his party leaders and activists to remain calm, saying, “We are the founders of Pakistan and we will prevent the ideological and geographical boundaries of Pakistan.”