KARACHI - The city may tip into bloodshed as the warlords are looking to stoke the ethnic strife, it has been learnt.According to the details, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) geared up the drive against criminal elements and operatives of different political organizations dominating various localities.The fast track service of LEA has been unable to detain alleged target killers and criminals as more then 90 percent of the accused have been released on bail or found not guilty.Rangers have tried to control law and order situation since 1990s, they have recently boosted up the drive against criminal elements and claimed to have arrested many criminal in the city. Police force justified their duties by arresting only street criminals, robber and other low profile criminals.Official said that gangs of criminals dominating Lyari were strengthened by the police failure in eliminating them and the Rangers seem reluctant to carry out operation in Lyari. Official raids continued across the city except for in Lyari, Malir, PIB colony, Patail Parah, Dalmiya and other Baloch dominated areas because of covert hand protecting them is more powerful then the law enforcers.Ministry official believed that conspiracy is being hatched for a big bloodbath in the city and the warlords using labels of different political parties will join hands against the single dominating political force of the metropolis.At least 100 people have been killed in this month, most of the victims were part of a rehearsal for the up coming ethnic battle they believed. There are number of areas plunged into the violence in the last couple of years where law enforcement agencies can not infiltrate it has been learnt.