Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif while campaigning in elections often recited a stanza from a poem of Dr. Iqbal about ‘Tair-i-Lahoti’ which is in fact a bird i.e. Shaheen or Eagle is a noble bird that gets its own prey and lives on high peaks, not a tiger which cannot fly, as such if Nawaz Sharif believes in a symbolic ‘Tair-e-Lahoti’ he should have asked for that symbol not a tiger.

In any case, a tiger is not a fit symbol for a political party as it does not fit in with the noble qualities of a leader, now some well known facts about tigers, a tiger kills viciously its prey like all other big cats – albeit that is only natural. Another fact is that a tiger is an animal not known for its mercy, it is famous for brutality in the jungle, which is populated by animals not humans. In any case the ‘Shaheen’ eats its own fresh prey and does not eat carrion like a vulture. Maybe there is some food for thought in the above proposition.


Lahore, May 17.