Gen Pervez Musharraf has been incarcerated but the other day he got his bail. He may have been a dictator but why ignore all the developments made during his tenure. The champions of democracy forget that the inflow of foreign investment, a booming economy, transformation of the Higher Education Commission into an independent institution and better law and order prevailed while he was in power. The democratic supporters disregarded record foreign reserves, improved relations with all neighboring countries, a better-equipped army, the completion of a record number of projects in Karachi and the rest of the country.

The main allegation is that Musharraf broke the law and promoted undemocratic forces. What’s the point in having laws when these laws were being manipulated, taking the country toward a breakdown? What’s the point in having such a democracy which cannot improve the lives of the people? If the legal community is really sincere, it should do something about the 350,000 cases pending in different courts. The fundamentals of Islam are the provision of prompt justice irrespective of how influential complainants and the accused are, but our courts are unable to provide justice. Proceedings drag on for so long that all witnesses are hushed up. Justice delayed is justice denied.

The champions of democracy forget foreign policy during their own tenure which was under the hegemony of America. Which democratic government has not supported US policies, the PML-N or the PPP, or anyone else? If Musharraf‘s decisions were wrong, what did the democratic government do to reverse these decisions in the five years they governed the nation?

The nation has witnessed humiliating events during the tenure of the democratic government such as the US military operation to kill Osama bin Laden, violating Pakistan’s sovereignty, Haqqani’s Pandora’s Box, the Raymond Davis affair and the Salala attack by US forces. As for Benazir’s murder she had her own security officer, security circle, the bulletproof car (with instructions not to peep out). The inner security circle comprised of PPP’s own security. The PPP government did not find any clues of actual perpetrators even during their own government. The PPP should find the black sheep among their own ranks instead of putting onus on somebody else. If the NRO is illegal, then its fallout should not be limited to Musharraf, all those who are direct or indirect beneficiaries of the NRO should be brought to book.


Karachi, May 15.