The child trade has increased across the world and the developed countries are buying children from underdeveloped and developing countries. Hunger and poverty has forced many a parent to sell their children. There is a thriving market in some countries for young boys, light weight, for camel races as well as domestic help. All this is possible when two major factors exist in a country; poverty, and lack of law enforcing agencies.

Children are bought and sold like candy bars, smuggled across borders, forced into hard labour while the children of the rich sleep peacefully. Imagine waking up one morning and going to wake your children up for another day at school, but they’ve disappeared without any trace, you search the house and don’t find them, imagine the despondency the dejection and depression. Only a parent who has lost a child can understand this feeling.

In Pakistan, there is a huge gang that kidnaps children from far flung villages and dismembers them to beg in the cities. We all need to be vigilant and put a stop to this, make a team to protect our children on all levels manned by the people, in a state like Pakistan this is the only option left to common man.


Karachi, May 14.