It takes time for nations to grow and mature as history has proved, but we and India both got our independence at the same time. India has made its name in the world for its export and it human resource while we have emerged as a lazy and laidback nation that has been intolerant towards the problems of our masses as well as our minorities. Our patriotism is only reflected in wearing green shirts and carrying flags on March 23 or August 14.

What seems to be sad is that we are ready to compromise the future of our country to please other powerful nations, who are our allies in some areas, but at what cost? If we seriously look into the cauldron that is Pakistan, we can see that bribery thrives at all levels, we have no solid moral standards, our beliefs are defined by our cast or creed. Jobs are not given on any merit, but as a favour or on recommendation from a strong political party. Lucrative appointments are given to family and friends!

The rising discontent and corruption has given the chance for terrorism to reign in large cities like Karachi. Anyone could be a terrorist, and inflation and joblessness has driven us up against the wall. With all this we talk of change? We should make sure we know what we are asking for, as we are all steeped into the quagmire of corruption, it would be hard, if not impossible to get out of it! Let’s not blame only the politicians and government, if we had all not been a part of the ongoing corruption, they would not have been able to get away with it so blatantly.


Lahore, May13.