It seems to the season of protest, everyone is protesting. If we are not demonstrating against allegedly rigged elections or hurling threats for delay in issuing an NIC card, to a political expatriate, we are definitely part of the ‘blasphemy correctional unit.’ We take it upon ourselves to ensure the culprits are made an example for others. As ‘gravity’ is only a word in space, so is ‘legal authority’ in cases involving blasphemy. While the Sunni Ittehad Council holds demonstrations up and down the country and rival news channels persistently want to ban ‘Geo,’ some are questioning the freedom of media. Competing news channels, broadcasting similar morning shows have also occasioned blaspheming practices, our united cable operators transmit English and Indian movies of all genres, the laws of astronomy, science, history, and the existence of other religious minorities should all wake the ‘blasphemous correctional unit’ and prompt them to do something about it.

Blasphemy laws are no longer a battle between liberal thinkers and religious zealots. It seems comical how easy it is to accusing someone of blasphemy! Geo’s genuine apology should have settled the matter but the issue is being lengthened it reminds one of the European witch trials of the dark ages. It is time the Government took a stance and put a stop to this once and for all!


United Kingdom, May 19.