Parent, child relationship is one of the most beautiful bonds. Parents play a unique role in the lives of their children. A healthy relationship, based on good communication can work wonders. Communication is necessary in all relationships and lack of communication can create problems in families. There is an inherent respect involved in our culture in this relationship, but we can still communicate. There has to be a balance where the children can obey their parents , respect them and love them without feeling threatened and abused.

Parent should have an open mind about their children and listen to their opinions as well. Every parent wants to have perfect children, instead they should try for a perfect relationship. Many parents have fights in front of the children and lose respect, such children retreat into their own private world, either of books or gadgets. Working parents need extra time for children and they must take this out to communicate with them. A lot of work and effort is required to build and maintain a positive and healthy relationship between parents and children.


Lahore, May 18.