The recent saga of our rather notorious cricket board reminds me of a famous proverb, ‘a cat has nine lives’. Well it has yet to be seen who between the two, Najam Sethi or Zaka Ashraf, has used up all his lives? Change of high-up’ will have the familiar trickle-down effect; new handpicked management team will be nominated. How many more players will become victims to these tactics? We have made a mockery of ourselves in the international arena. Had the governing body been different than ICC, for instance FIFA, our cricket board might have been banned for a long time. They say everything happens for a reason, and these conflicts are mainly because we could not properly institutionalize our cricket setup. Cricket is perhaps the only game in Pakistan, which brings smiles and unity among its people. Thus it should not be taken for granted. Every high profile post in PCB needs to be democratically elected, rather than be handpicked. If we have an interference-free setup, one hopes that we would do away with such petty politics.


China, May 18.