LONDON - Brendon McCullum is reportedly unhappy with the International Cricket Council (ICC). Despite his confession to the ICC anti-corruption investigators regarding being approached to underperform, he is unhappy with the "inaction" on the world governing body's part. His lawyer Garth Galloway, according to New Zealand media, has called ICC "incompetent".

UK's Daily Mail reported on Saturday that McCullum revealed he was offered 107,000 Pounds to underperform in international as well as IPL matches in 2008. The Kiwi veteran also alleged that "a star cricketer was involved." The ICC though has not made substantial progress in the matter, feels Galloway.

"The ICC need to conclude their investigation as soon as possible if they haven't already," Galloway was quoted as saying by One News. "I think the ICC you have to describe as incompetent in relation to this issue. They have gone completely silent in relation to how this leaking has occurred."

The latest revelations threaten credibility of international cricket once again - deepened only by ICC's apparent silence. While New Zealand Cricket on Monday released a statement saying McCullum was not guilty of corruption, the player himself has reportedly told ICC officials that "the big boys of cricket are doing it".

McCullum's claims are not isolated as former teammate Lou Vincent's former wife - Elly Riley - allegedly even took names of cricketers 'guilty of maligning the sport'. "Lou said Chris (Cairns) was going to pay him US$50,000 a game for the fixing," she informed ICC. The added revelation that a 'Player X' was involved in fixing and who tried to lure McCullum, has intensified speculation. Former all-rounder Chris Cairns' name is already doing the rounds even though the former star all-rounder has defended himself through a strongly worded statement.

"I believe it is being alleged that I am that player," read Cairn's media statement. "It is well known that the ICC ACSU (anti-corruption security unit) has been investigating allegations of corruption and my name has been linked by others to these allegations.”

 I am being asked whether I am Player X. ... These allegations against me are a complete lie."

In the light of these charges and counter-charges, the role of ICC and its ability to tackle the menace of fixing is under pressure again. If Galloway is to be believed though, the international body needs to act quickly and more effectively to clamp down on the menace.