Islamabad- Federal Information Minister Pervez Rasheed today said that Law ministry had given full authority to PEMRA to decide fate of Geo network.

In a statement, the Minister said that Law Ministry had forwarded their rejoinder to Information Ministry which was sought by PEMRA body. He said issue of Geo is semi-judicial added that Law ministry had given its rejoinder in this regard. Pervez said power of decision had been given to PEMRA which can decide it verdict accordance to law and constitution of the country.

The Minister said that the government had nothing to do with Geo issue adding that PEMRA body was fully independent and authorized body to regulate media issues. He said that his government does not interfere in PEMRA issues adding that the government was committed to strengthen freedom and independence of PEMRA body. He said accepting its mistakes is a big step and forgiveness should be granted to whom which sought pardon. The minister said Mubashir Luqman is not an army General or Colonel who is predicting conflict between the army and the government.