MIRPUR (AJK)-The Mirpur Police have booked six accused including the alleged master-mind - PML-N AJK Women Wing’s Central Secretary Information Bilqees Raja,  in the murder case of a local lady Nousheen Raja and arrested two main accused, the police said.

“Four of the accused involved in the case have been declared absconders including the UK-based Bilqees Raja, Central Secretary Information of PML-N AHK Women Wing and Raja Shoukat and Raja Shakeel, currently based in Dubai, allegedly manoeuvring the murder of their arch rival Nousheen Raja over old enmity through hired assassins belonging to Sindh province, disclosed Mirpur SSP Raja Irfan Salim.

He was flanked by his deputies including Additional SP Munshi Khan, DSP City Raja Azher Iqbal, SI Zaffar Haider Shah and others members of the investigation team who solved mystery the blind murder Nousheen Raja.

The head of the investigating team SSP Irfan Salim continued that the police had arrested the hired assassin Tariq Hussain Chandio, son of Fazal Ahmed belonging to Shahdat Kot, Sindh and Muhammad Yasin, son of Fateh Ali, house servant of Bilqees Sabir. The accused murdered Nousheen, the mother of three children including two sons - 13-year-old Annique and 10-year-old Atttique and daughter eight-year-old Liaba.

The SSP continued that the police were also after another absconder Abdul Ghafaar Magsi, son of Mumtaz Ali Magsi, a resident Shahdakot Sindh. The police have also recovered 30-bore pistol used in the crime, a CD-70 motorbike and blood-stained shirt of the principle accused Tariq Chandio.

Irfan Salim said that the AJK Police were in contact with Pakistani authorities for the arrest of the Dubai and UK-based absconding accused.

He elaborated that the Mirpur police solved mystery of the murder case within a short span of 40 days. He said that the police had got tangible evidence regarding the involvement of alleged master mind UK-based Bilqees Raja and Dubai-based rivals including Raja Arshad and Raja Shakeel, alleged old rivals of Nousheen Raja.

The investigation team comprising sernior police officers traced prime accused Muhammad Sain, son of Fateh Ali Chaudhry, a resident of Kaalish, Tehsil Samani of Bhimbher district of AJK.

Acting on the information extorted from Sain, the police reached to other accused.

Both the arrested accused - Tariq Chandio and Yasin have confessed that they had committed the murder with the connivance of two other co-accused belonging to Sindh, the SSP pointed out. Quoting the accused, the police chief said that according to the accused, the murder case was manoeuvred and planned by Britain and Dubai-based rival group of the deceased Nousheen Raja with the connivance the political personality Bilqees Sabir.