Pakistani Scientists are playing a leading role in nuclear research at CERN, the global laboratory that is known for its research into the galaxy. The CERN Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) spokesman Dr. Tiziano said that Pakistani engineers, physicists, software engineers and technicians have been major contributors to construction of the CMS and they have done substantially work to build, test, install and commission the project. Dr. Tiziano while visiting Pakistan said that Pakistani scientists had developed detector control system and testing of data quality and monitoring is their responsibility. He said that the team also built front and electronics for the CMS- RG4 project and played a leading role in installing and commissioning the RP4. CERN is a global entity and is currently investigating dark matter and the true nature of galaxies. It is highly appreciable that Pakistani scientists are contributing to this most important work and they are a credit to Pakistan.


Lahore, May 19.