National Testing Service (NTS) enjoys national repute for conducting transparent screening tests for recruitment in government and private sectors. Earlier the only reliable source was the CSS’ competitive platform for transparency. To build public confidence, various government departments have been giving NTS the task of conducting screening tests, for recruitments. Public has confidence in NTS because they display the marks of all the candidates, but a recent exercise has put NTS credibility at stake.

NTS held written tests, under the Ministry of Defence (MoD) mandate for recruitment in Staff and Officer (BPS-17) cadres, on March 2 and March 9 respectively. When the NTS announced the results, on its website, they did not display the marks, candidates had either failed or cleared the teat. This has raised doubts over their credibility. A representative of NTS claimed that they have been directed by MoD to display result in this fashion. Now there are rumors that MoD had already selected the candidates and this exercise was done to demonstrate the so called transparency. It is rather surprising that various CSS examination qualifiers failed in the test. I would like to draw the attention of higher authorities to inquire about the results as this is an the issue that touches many.


Peshawar, May 18.