SHEIKHUPURA - Unscheduled loadshedding is getting prolonged with each passing day and people are sick and tired of continuous power cuts that are continue in the city like other parts of the country. People are helpless at the hands of government, which has literally failed to provide any relief to public by providing them with smooth power supply.

In protest against power outages, the residents of Jandiala Road and adjoining localities led by social worker Muhammad Akram Khan Faridi blocked Jandiala-Hafizabad Road for one hour and demanded the officials concerned to register their complaints against unscheduled loadshedding.

The residents staged a sit-in on the road, blocked traffic and shouted slogans against government failure.  Talking to media on the occasion, the protesters leader said that routine life of people had badly been disturbed by prolonged power outages, which caused water shortage in many localities in the face of increasing temperature. He said that the students were facing lot of troubles because their annual examinations were going on.

An old lady, holding a stick to walk, said: “We have to bear such problems in old age. We are retired people and require peace of mind. Look what the government has done to us that we are sitting on roads to get some peace in our lives.” Citizens request the government to take notice of the situation and give them some relief.