LAHORE - PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday said that Bilawal was coming to Pakistan next month to resume political activities under his supervision.

In an interview to a local news channel, Zardari said that on his arrival in Pakistan next month, Bilawal would visit all the four provinces alongwith him and interact with party men.

To a question about Bilawal’s security, he said that security arrangements would have to be made during his movement which may be kept restricted at certain places depending on the situation.

When asked to comment on his earlier statement about Bilawal’s being an immature politically, Zardari said that he had infact stated that Bilawal would get mature with the passage of time.

“I would teach him politics”, he added.

Answering a question about Bilawal’s future political role, Zardari expressed the hope that he would contest the next general elections scheduled to be held in 2018.  

He was confident that PPP would give a tough time to its political rivals in the four provinces.

To another question, Zardari predicted that no political party would be in a position to form government in the Centre on the basis of its own strength in the National Assembly as a result of 2018 elections.

He said he saw ‘reconciliatory’ government after the next general elections.

Zardari reiterated that his party was not interested in early polls as it wanted the present government to complete its tenure.

He said he had reservations about PML-N’s mandate but accepted the election results to keep the democracy on track.

To a question about MQM, he said that all the political parties including the PPP and the MQM had some rotten eggs which should be thrown out to clean the parties. Asked if the MQM should be disbanded in the wake of recent revelations by security agencies and the statement of Saulat Mirza, he replied that the political space vacated by the MQM would be occupied by non-political forces.

“Political parties should reform themselves but should not concede their space to non-political forces”, he remarked.  

To a question, he said he believed in evolution rather than the revolution as the latter was a very dangerous thing.

About Zulfiqar Mirza’s allegations against him, he said that Mirza was only showing his character by stating things which had nothing to do with reality.

Zardari also disowned Ozair Baloch and Peoples Aman Committee, stating PPP had nothing to do with both.

He said he was not worried about it.

To a question about Pakistani IT firm Axact, Zardari said he was not aware of its illegal activities. He said the FBR and other concerned revenue departments should be asked about it.

“They should have investigated the matter in the past if they had any information about the scam”, he added.

On Economic Corridor project with China, he said that the work on the project started during PPP tenure and the first patch of the track was completed upto Attaabad Lake in Hunza.

“Such long term projects cannot be completed in the tenure of one government”, he said.

On Yemen crisis, he said that PPP was opposed to sending troops to Saudi Arabia because Pakistani forces were already over-stretched. Zardari, however, said that Pakistan could support Saudi Arabia by sending doctors, nurses, medicines, sugar and wheat for the war affectees.  

He said that PPP stood for protection of territorial boundaries of all the Gulf States including Saudi Arabia.

He said that these countries were important to him as some three million Pakistanis worked in Saudi Arabia and around two million in other Gulf countries.