LAHORE - Declaring Federal Information Minister Pervez Rasheed as infidel, the Sunni Majlis-e-Amal – an alliance of different religious parties of Brelvi school of thought – has asked the prime minister to sack the information minister immediately, arrest him and start investigation against him for “making fun of religious teachings.”

“Pervez Rasheed is non-believer and friend of Qadyanis. Another Mumtaz Qadri – the murderer of former Punjab governor Salman Taseer – is needed to send him to the hell,” held the leaders of the Majlis during a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Wednesday.

The leaders including Pir Afzal Qadri, Hafiz Khadim Hussain, Syed Mukhtar, Syed Mustafa, Ziaullah Rizvi and others also announced staging countrywide protests on May 22 (Friday) against the “blasphemous act” of PML-N’s federal minister.

“We are challenging Pervez Rasheed and his friends for live debate (manazara) on any TV channel for atmam-e-hujat (a last opportunity to prove one right). And if he did not come for manazra, we will issue a final decree of Kufar on Pervez Rasheed,” they held.  

To a question, they held that there was no doubt left about Pervez Rasheed’s Kufar. According to them, the minister made fun of life after death, Azan and termed the religious seminaries as dense of ignorance.

They demanded implementation of National Action Plan against the Taliban and asked the government not to divert the NAP implementation towards Ahle-sunnat (Brelivi) scholars. According to them, the government is using NAP against Brelvi mosques and seminaries on the pressure of Taliban, which they said, were present in government’s rank.