Islamabad: The association of Pakistan graduate from Russia and CIS in collaboration with Embassy of Russian Federation and office of honorary consul of Russian Federation Lahore Pakistan are jointly organizing a celebration of 70th Victory day anniversary of Great Patriotic War 1941-45 at PNCA, F-5/1 auditorium Islamabad today.

Contribution and sacrifices of soviet people in great patriotic war, impacts of Great Patriotic War 1941-45 within the World War II and contribution and sacrifices of the British India are on the agenda of the program. The “Great Patriotic War” was a decisive factor in World War II, along the many fronts of the Eastern Front between Soviet Union and Nazi Germany with its allies, during the period from 22th June 1941 to 9th May 1945. The Nazi invasion of the USSR heralded the beginning of the most titanic battle in the history of humanity. The war ended in complete defeat for the Nazi Germany less than four years later with the fall of Berlin on May 9, 1945. Over sacrifices of 30,000,000 soviet citizen and soldiers died in the struggle to liberate the Motherland from the fascist aggressors, which decided the fate of whole world.

The celebration would be held today at PNCA Auditorium at F-5/1 Islamabad. The Ambassador of Russian Federation and other highest dignitaries of federal government, high officials, diplomats, business community, civil society and media personnel would also attend the event.