The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) for Polio, which works on behalf of the international donor agencies and issues reports on the performance of countries after every six months, has reported a significant improvement on the overall performance of Pakistan for the eradication of polio from the country. Travel restrictions on Pakistan were applied on the recommendation of the same organization after the debilitating disease was reported to be epidemic in the country. The improvement has been specially highlighted in Fata and KPK, which is an encouraging sign not only for health officials but also for the military authorities which are busy in restoring peace and normalcy to social life in the region. The militancy had severely damaged the traditional modes of management in these areas. It is encouraging to note that ages old institutions of the elders, Jirgas and political agents are now returning to their original self and the performance indicators in various sectors are being acknowledged locally and by the international agencies. The complete annihilation and absence of these institutions had created an anarchic situation in these regions, which was being exploited to its full by ignorant militant elements of all hues.

The resistance to polio vaccination has been a huge embarrassment for Pakistanis all over the world while exposing the new generation to the menace of permanent disability. The reluctance to take advantage of such biological innovations has never been an alien concept in areas comprising Pakistan. They have been reacting negatively to such campaigns of immunizations since the times of the British, which continued even while an expanded program of immunization was introduced in seventies. People have been facing difficulties in getting access to programs introduced to eradicate smallpox, cholera and whooping cough in Pakistan with rumours that such measures are going to reduce the capability to reproduce.

The carelessness of those responsible, to let the centuries old way of life and modes of thinking carry on, is regretful. It is hoped that civil authorities also put in serious efforts to restore and bring back customs, traditions and a culture of tolerance and peaceful co-habitation.