S:     So the situation has come down to this. The religious leaders will now give inspirational lectures on ethics to government servants at FBR. Is this the best we can do, find ethics in religion? Have we forgotten about the rest of the sources?

A:     What is your issue with religion anyway? I find it completely normal that such a thing has happened. Religion is an ethical code of conduct. Religious leaders have a dignified place in the history of this country and have a role to play in explaining Islam to the future generations.

S:     Yeah well, on that note. Which version of Islam are you talking about? These people are the biggest cause of dissent and divide in the country. Everybody has their demons attached to themselves. The government is displaying a complete lack of understanding of the bigger issues at hand.

A:     It was just a lecture. Why do you have to bring the sectarian angle into everything? The sectarian angle doesn’t exist in real Islam.

S:     That’s easy for you to say. Look at the realities of religion in the way it plays out in the Pakistani context. Sectarianism exists. So does hypocritical religiosity. And it leads to terrorism and a fundamentalist way of thinking.

A:     Well we are a sinful lot of people. And what better way of treating sins than by following a religious path.

S:     You confuse sin with crime. There’s a hell lot of a difference. I have no issues with religion, I have issues with its fanboys.