The mass poisoning of stray dogs in Karachi is heartbreaking. I am amazed at how someone can kill so many living creatures and not feel any guilt. All sensible humans possess a degree of compassion towards living things. I am sure that the people who killed those dogs have no humanity left. Although stray dogs are certainly a problem and in some cases a risk to the people’s welfare, the mass poisoning campaign is impossible to justify. After all, two wrongs do not make a right. I am sure that there were other alternatives. Life is a sacred trust, regardless of whether it is of a human’s or an animal’s.

Common sense dictates that this land belongs not only to humans, but other creatures as well. Although the welfare of humans should be our primary concern, animals have a right to live as much as humans. Pakistanis continuously say that this country is based on Islamic Ideology. Do the dictates of Islam not make good treatment to living things obligatory? Is the history of Islam devoid of empathy towards dogs? The Prophet (SAW) declared the reward of paradise for a promiscuous woman, who gave water to a thirsty dog and declared hell for a woman who starved a cat.

Perhaps these ‘insignificant’ cruel acts are the reason why Pakistan is in endless peril. However, in reality, I am not really surprised; authorities making no efforts to ensure the safety of people will seldom make efforts to save animals.


Lahore, May 17.