My normal travel time from my home to workplace is about 35 minutes. On Wednesday (May 18) while traveling from Fortress Stadium to NCA I was told by police to make a U-turn near Avari Hotel, so I did. At Governor's House I took Racecourse Road, reaching Jail Road I could not turn right towards Mozang Chungi. I thus went up to Kinnaird College for a U-turn. I thus reached Mozang Chungi. At Mozang Chungi again, I could not turn right so I turned left searching for a place for U-turn. All these roads were totally choked with traffic and there was total chaos. I reached Mozang Chungi again and continued my journey on Lytton Road. There was total mess on the road, in half an hour I reached Jain Mandir area. This place looked like war-torn area. There were pits, moats and ditches all around and a jungle of steel rods and steel-nets. The roads were all missing, there was dust and mud everywhere. I was in a quagmire of terrible traffic. I could not take a route of my choice and in the flow of traffic I reached MAO College. Devastation caused by Metro and Orange Line Train was nerve-wrecking and heart-breaking. Plunder and pillage and traffic mess was forcing commuters to utter all kinds of filthy verbosity. A journey which took 35 minutes daily on Wednesday it was two hours and 20 minutes. This country is now only for the rulers, there is nothing left for common man. The goodness of the government is only in government ad in media only, it has no link with reality.


Lahore, May 19.