LAHORE: Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal says, the government is sincere to constitute an independent accountable commission.

Talking to journalists in Lahore today, he said parliamentary committee has been formed to prepare terms of reference for the commission to probe the Panama leaks.

The Minister said the government is serious for across the board accountability, but the opponents are afraid of it. He said those making hue and cry over offshore companies themselves have the offshore holdings.  

He urged the political parties to refrain from creating anarchy and chaos on the issue as political instability will serve no one.

Referring to the economic gains made by the country over the last three years, Ahsan Iqbal said national economy is constantly growing due to economic reforms.

Earlier, Ahsan Iqbal laid foundation stone of Jammia Masjid Arqam Zamir, Dar-ul-Salam Educational Complex.

Addressing the ceremony, he said detachment from religion is the basic reason of problems in the society.