I am astounded to see that our Pakistani television celebrities are gone senseless because I have witnessed some movie and songs content that our Pakistani celebrities have opted the means of entertainment without paying attention to what the actual content is. I think our celebrities are desperate to make their appearance on big screen that they are least bothered about the content such as script, roles and dialogues. So they tend to opt the kind of scripts that doesn’t relate with their cultural or moral backgrounds. I feel ashamed and depressed that instead of reviving our cinema; our renowned celebrities are working in other entertainment industries. In saying that I would conclude my writing by saying that our Pakistani celebrities must focus in what they are doing and how they are doing it. They must know that if they are going to perform the role, they must have to know about the role. Thy must have the in-depth knowledge of the script or characters they are going to perform. When I came across to content like this that amazed me; the only thing that strikes in my head is that our people are so eager to do the roles or play the characters that they are least bothered about and they are just focusing on being famous in the world. What I think is that they just want to become eminent and rich and by doing it they are portraying negative beliefs of one’s country. 


Lahore, April 5.