FAISALABAD - Reiterating the demand of answering his four questions over Panama leaks, PTI chief Imran Khan mocked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s address in National Assembly as ‘Tota Mena ki Kahani’ (a fairytale).

The PTI will continue its anti-corruption struggle even if any party like Fazlur Rehman’s JUI-F seals the deal with government, he told his supporters at a demonstration at Dhobhi Ghat.

“We have asked Nawaz to answer only four questions. It has been more than one and a half months and Nawaz is yet to respond,” he added.

Imran also promised introducing better investment opportunities and trade-friendly policies in the industrial state of the country.

Nawaz lied in the National Assembly about the property he owned abroad, Imran said, showing contradictory statements of the Sharif family members (Maryam, Hassan, Hussain and Nawaz Sharif) and Interior Minister Ch Nisar they gave on different forums over Panama leaks.

Imran said the Pakistani nation ranks fourth among the nations paying the most charity in the world but it pays the least tax. He questioned as to how a party could ensure transparency that won elections through unfair means.

The PTI chief said first the institutions were destroyed by corruption, and then they were being considered to be sold.

He stressed the government should rectify administrative problems plaguing the state organs instead of privatising these bodies. He also cleared his position on holding an alleged offshore company.

About allegations of misuse of funds in Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, he said the government should have investigated the reports.

He said that his successful cricket career during which he earned money and made assets, he had concealed nothing.

The PTI chief said that inflation in the country is on the rise, further stating that the people have to pay huge taxes. He said that it has become difficult to do business in the country.

He said that the factories in the country are closing and people are shifting towards the real estate business after selling their factories.

Before the start of the rally, the PTI chief apologised to his women supporters for mistreatment during his party’s earlier gatherings. “I apologise to our women for what happened in Lahore,” he said. “I promise that such incidents will not happen in PTI rallies anymore.”

The PTI chief added that they have formed a “Tiger Force” to protect their women supporters.