Lyari is the old area of Karachi, it has its own history in all fields of life, like the field of sports, literature and politics. In all these fields, people of Lyari had given their historic performance. 

Similarly, the Mulla Fazul Library, an historical library of Lyari, which ia situated at Aat Chowk (hashth chowk), used to be the center of knowledge, where famous intellectuals had conducted seminars, workshops and other educational activities. But the changing condition of Lyari also affected the Mullah Fazul Library.currently, the Mullah Fazul Library is used by political parties as their office, and sometimes gangsters use it as their gangs' office. 

Due to the poor condition of Mullah Fazul Library, students of Lyari are suffering from deficiency of a small space for their studies, and are compelled to move other distant libraries of the city for their studies. 

Therefore, I, as a student request high authorities of Sindh Government and Karachi to take notice of this critical issue and regain Mullah Fazul Library in good condition that students of Lyari would have a place for their studies. 


Karachi, April 5.