We all are die heart fans of western culture…and we all want to adapt that. We compare our country with western countries in every aspect be it politics, fashion, and what not but still there is one thing which is what we need to compare but we aren’t comparing it. And it is the education system of our country. When we can compare our entertainment industry, politics and fashion industry then why not education system? When we can adapt most of the aspects of their life style, so why not educational policies? Does acquiring education not count in our life style? 

Western education policy includes free education till high school for all the children. There is no concept of private schools, every child is being taught the same thing and the course outline and teaching techniques are also the same in all the schools. Now the question is why do we need to adapt some of these policies? So let me answer this question. Because we also want our literacy rate to increase, we also want each and every child of our country to get the same education. Private schools provide us with good education but it creates competition which only leads to complex which the government school student faces. 

We really need to think about this matter because it’s high time now, nobody is going to do anything for us, it is us who are supposed to work for our betterment. 


Karachi, April 5.