A top Shiite cleric was on Sunday convicted on charges of money laundering and collecting funds illegally by Bahraini High Criminal Court.

The High Criminal Court in a key verdict announced a one year in suspended jail sentence to Shaikh Isa Qassim, spiritual leader of now defunct opposition group Al Wefaq National Islamic Society.

The same sentences were given to the cleric's two accomplices.

The Public Prosecution Advocate General in a statement posted on Bahrain News Agency said on Sunday that the court ruled a fine of 100,000 Bahraini Dinars for three people and the confiscation of the seized assets related to the case.

"The Public Prosecution will undertake the legal measures to enforce the verdicts once they are final," the statement said.

The advocate general said, "The Public Prosecution is currently looking into the verdicts to determine whether it will appeal."

The 75-year-old and two of his office employees are accused of setting up an unlicensed office for illegal fundraising and depositing 10 million US dollars in a bank account which was frozen in June last year.

The government on June 20 last year revoked the cleric's nationality for setting up an "extremist sectarian environment" and establishing organisations linked to foreign authorities.