Having dodged the proverbial bullet over the Dawn leaks issue, this government continues to implode. Nary a day goes by when a new scandal does not confront it and still the paid buglers continue to blow the air out of their lungs in praise of their Godfather, Nawaz Sharif. Rome burns around them but they and their masters are oblivious. Nary a week goes by when a new method to scoop some more commissions is not unveiled. Is anybody watching?

This time though, their game is maybe up. The JIT that is probing a bit deeper into the lies and non-existent proofs of the wealth of House Sharif on the orders of the Supreme Court, may find that the Godfather does not speak the truth and nor do his children, his younger brother and the ‘Samdhi’, the erstwhile Finance Minister. Would that be of any surprise, no, as the vast majority of the populous knows by now that the Sharifs have acted in the most un-sharif manner every time they had the keys to the coffers of the state. The question that rankles the mind is that why have the courts, over the years, always found it easier and convenient to give them the benefit of doubt.

Let’s survey the scene, the Dawn leaks report and the way it was ‘settled’, has left more questions unanswered than it furnished. How and why did the army cave in? What transpired between the Prime Minster and the COAS in their meeting or meetings, why was Maryam Nawaz, Safdar absolved from any part in the formation and delivery of the despicable story? One has never, in more than six decades and some, seen the army go back on its stance as it did on the tweet. Obviously a mere settlement could not have forced the COAS to order his ISPR spokesperson to issue a withdrawal, a step which has not only puzzled the mind, but left the whole country aghast. If only they would let the country know what the Godfather had up his sleeve that his terms were agreed to putting the reputation of the army to question. It was a withdrawal of monumental proportions, unprecedented and quiet unfathomable.

Is it not beyond any reason that every single important investigation and commission report never sees the light of day, under the ‘the interest of the greater national interest’? What greater good did we get from hiding the Hamood ur Rehman report, the Asghar Khan report, the Abbottabad report, the Model Town report, the Quetta report and so many others like them? Oh how well have we been served by hiding these reports. Just look at us, we have no electricity, no hospitals worth their name, no clean drinking water, no sewerage system to talk of, no government schools worth their salt, no infrastructure in most of the urban and the entire rural areas, no jobs, no security, but yes we have metros and power plants, all of them driving the country into deeper debt, since all these projects are running in deficits for having been overpriced and commissions pocketed. A treasury that is empty, yet showing billions in fudged figures, but all of this for another day.

The focus of everyone who loves this rich and beautiful country and its hard working and God fearing people, should be the Panama papers case and the workings of the JIT. How well and what speed is this body working at, will they be impartial in their conduct and are they following the right path to uncover the already naked lies of Nawaz Sharif and family? Will the JIT keep to its timetable as dictated by the Supreme Court? When will Nawaz and his family be ordered to appear before the JIT? One cannot understand as to why the workings of the JIT are being done behind closed doors. In the most powerful democracy, the United States of America, all such hearings are open to public and most of them televised live. The almost guaranteed investigations against President Donald Trump are bound to be held in the public eye, so why do we shy away? Is it because we are complicit in hiding the truth from the public – yes, ‘in greater national interest’.

Let there be no doubt that it is the superior judiciary of Pakistan which is in the dock at this point in time. Theirs has been a very tarnished repute over the decades and now is their last chance to redeem themselves. If, under any excuse, play of words, submission to quasi legal theories, they let Nawaz Sharif get off the hook, then they should be ready to incur the wrath of the public and God. Paying lip service to justice is not enough, justice has to been seen to have been done. This nation has suffered an unimaginable amount of loot and plunder by its political governments and the culprits need to be put behind bars. More importantly, the judges of the Supreme Court need to prove that they have not only followed the law but also delivered justice, justice which has for too long been sacrificed at the altar lacuna’s in the law.

The clouds that are gathering around the government of Nawaz are dark and menacing in their designs. For the Godfather to think that he is let off scot-free will be a mistake. This storm, when it hits, will have the force of a wild tornado and once it moves away, their government shall be littered all over the landscape as in the plains of Missouri after a tornado has struck.