QUETTA : Balochistan Assembly lawmakers on Saturday lambasted PTI Chairman Imran Khan for criticising political leadership of the country.

The BA session started with Yasmeen Lehri in chair. Lawmakers from ruling and opposition parties attended the session. The legislators chiding Imran Khan said that the political leaders had rendered unparalleled sacrifices for the stability of democratic system and prosperity of country.

“PTI Chairman Irman Khan himself is a product of corruption,” said the treasury and opposition benches in Balochistan Assembly session, adding even today he had all corrupt and criminals around him. A day earlier, PTI chairman had criticised political leadership of almost all major political parties and dubbed them as East India companies of Pakistan. The speakers said there must be tolerance in politics but regretfully Imran had no tolerance.


INP adds: PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday said that PTI will win the next General Elections from whole country including Balochistan.

Talking to media in Quetta before his departure to Islamabad yesterday after a two-day visit of the provincial metropolis, PTI chief said that the whole nation was facing a corruption mafia.

He pledged that he would get the nation rid of the corrupt system and mafia.

“The northern areas mountains are more beautiful than Switzerland and also enriched with precious minerals but rulers are busy in looting country’s wealth that caused the unemployment and poverty in Pakistan,” he said.

Assailing rulers, Imran said the tax money went to rulers and they plundered it and used it for widen their own business. Commenting over money laundering, the PTI chairman said, “Rs 100 billion goes to Dubai in the shape of money laundering annually and rulers used it for enhancing their own business.”

Yesterday while addressing a rally in Quetta, the PTI chief accused the incumbent rulers of the country like British-era’s East-India Company. “Our country is being run like a company,” he said, “In Sindh, we have Zardari’s company, In Balochistan its Fazlur Rehman and Achakzai company, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa we have Asfandyar’s company.”

Commenting over Kulbhushan case he said that he had himself admitted of being Indian spy and involvement in subversive and terrorism activities in Karachi and Balochistan.