LAHORE-Qurram Hussain and Maria Unera have performed their upcoming song “Aajana” for the first time at music concert in Lahore for the Cornetto Pop Rock 2, while the Indo-Pakistan music duo JoSH (Qurram and Rup Magon) also rocked the stage with their traditional South Asian style. The music concert was organized by the Cornetto Pop Rock at Royal Palm Golf & Country Club, where Qurram also performed his latest single “Turn Up the Music DJ”. The Indo-Pakistan music duo kept the audience dancing during their one-hour performance. They performed their hits like “JoSH Nal Payo Bhangra”, “Payar Ho Gaya” and “Aye Mausam”. 

Talking to media about “Aajana” and its music video release, Qurram Hussain said that “the song is about searching your soul-mate.  We have recently completed the video shoot in Lahore, and song and its music video would be released very soon.”  Qurram said that the most important thing they wanted from this video is to match the energy of the song. Since the vibe of the track is modern and a little trippy at times, I discussed with Amaan Ahmed, the director, about how we should try and capture that energy visually as well. Amaan then envisioned the video as being a bit abstract, yet modern, and it does capture essence of the song which basically is about searching for your soulmate.

“Sometimes you just put out a call to the universe wanting to find your true love, and the universe answers, but you have to work for it. So it the concept of so close, yet so far, and Amaan has interpreted that in an extremely modern and fresh manner in the video,” Qurram said.

The Canadian singer further revealed “the energy on set was very positive, and even though it was the long days of shoot, everyone was in high spirits! Lots of outfit changes, and an overall happy and jovial atmosphere on set kept us excited and looking forward to next locations. I expect the end result will speak for itself, but so far we all cannot wait to see how all the hard work translates to the final product!

Speaking on the occasion, Maria Unera said that working with Q was super exciting! I was always a fan of Josh and when I got to know that I was gonna do a song for Cornetto Pop Rock with Q, I was absolutely ecstatic! The song is amazing, it’s super fun and Q and I worked super hard to make sure it’s the perfect song for the summer. 

Our director, Amaan Ahmed was absolutely fun to work with. There was no pressure at all and he gave me the freedom to be myself and express my emotions through the music video.

Maria says Aajana is about a boy and girl who love each other but are living in parallel worlds. The song itself is very abstract. - The music video captures the right emotion and detail. It was great working with the rest of the team I’m super excited for the release! Can’t wait!!