LAHORE: A seminar on the role of national media in strengthening the positive image of Pakistan was held the other day at School of Media and Communication Studies, University of Central Punjab.

It was arranged by the students of MPhil second semester.

Experts from various media organizations participated in the session, among which Dilawar Chaudhry Chief News Editor Nawa-i-Waqt, Isar Rana Group Editor Daily Pakistan, Latif Chaudhry Editor Express News and Brigadier (rtd) Farooq Chaudhry were the guest speakers. The dean School of Media And Communication Studies, UCP Prof Dr Mughees Uddin Sheikh also addressed the session.

While speaking to the audience Dilawar Chaudhry has said that media only highlight the political instability in the country, and does not focus on positive issues.

While advising students, he asked them to read books to seek knowledge, so that whenever they join media, they have command on every subject.

Speaking on the issue, senior analyst Isar Rana has commented that despite lot of hardships, journalists has never compromised on truth. Most of journalists sacrificed their lives for showing the real picture of society. He advised the young lot to face all the challenges but always support the truth.

Latif Chaudhry said that it was only media, which created awareness on various issues, even it was Panama leaks case, or some other. He hoped that things would be much better in the near future.

Brigadeer Farooq said that except few elements which were working on payroll of foreign agencies, media has always spread the positive image of the country. He was of the view that things had started deviating after 9-11 incidents, when Pakistan was involved in war on terror. But still in this crisis, media had always tried to portray the positive image of the country. Whenever something went wrong either from the government side or the establishment, it had always raised that issue and brought in front of the public. Meanwhile, media also helped in tourism and sports related activities etc.

Dr Mughees expressed grave concerns over the media for not showing the positive side of the country. He said there were many heroes dead or alive, but media did not bother to make a program on them. While talking over the recent death of Mukhtar Masood, he said that not a single program was arranged on his life. He was of the view, that this thing happened because the producers did not know who Mukhtar Masood was. He said that a reporter should have command on every subject.