The old monk of Eastern abbey often narrated the tales of East, where gigantic beasts would spew fire from their nostrils and surge high in the air, then of West, where wizards and witches would practice charms channeled through their wands, but that by any standard are stories of the past, the bygone era of legends and miracles.

Miracles don’t happen anymore and even if they do, they can hardly be substantiated by something factual and evident enough to be taken into consideration; recently this theory was set aside by a brave girl, Khadija Siddiqi , who survived a brutal stabbing attack miraculously and registered herself somewhat of a legend.

It was a normal day and as a routine matter, Khadija went to fetch her younger sister from the school, when Shah Hussain with a pre-planned scheme, after parking his bike away from the school, attacked and stabbed Khadija 23 times, on a busy road of Lahore. As the attempt was clearly to kill her, after thinking he successfully had achieved what he came for, he ran from the scene while brandishing the blood drenched knife and threatening the people.

Blood spilt profusely and she was shifted to a hospital, luckily she lived, wounds healed but soul still torments and will keep on until the accused gets what law promises for such a crime.

Shah Hussain is the son of a senior and influential advocate, Tanvir Hashmi and that automatically makes him above law, according to the Pakistani standards.

Khadija and Shah Hussain were classmates at The Institute of Legal Studies (TILS), Lahore. Now, both are fighting the case in court, one to get justice and the other to be forgiven for this horrendous crime and allowed to go scot-free.

Khadija is although represented by a counsel but it is almost like a battle against the whole legal fraternity as the top bosses of this field are protecting Shah Hussain. On every hearing of this case, a mob of lawyers in favor of Shah Hussain fills the courtroom like an unstoppable juggernaut, clearly to pressurize not just the already devastated family of Khadija but the judges too.

Shah Hussain got his bail despite the fact that CCTV footage is available in which one can very easily spot him, as the helmet slid off when he hurriedly ran from the crime scene. Advocate Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali, President Lahore High Court Bar, represented Shah Hussain before Justice Yawar and scored his bail.

The judge who granted him bail presented following ground, ‘if the victim knew the attacker then why she didn’t name him on the same day.’

The question is, even if due to some uncongenial circumstances accused was named after some delay, why can’t a proof like CCTV footage can tell the whole story to the judge who granted Shah Hussain bail? Even a bloodhound with expired faculties of sense would drag you along the dirt road leading to the criminal, but ironically people with more resources at their ends are hapless to reach the conclusion.

This incident has unfolded many stark truths about the society we live in, first of all how secure one is while walking on a road and how easy it is for anyone to get a knife and stab someone 23 times, comfortably. Secondly the attitude of lawyers, the absence of ethics and presence of ambitions which can only be associated to some street ruffian and lastly, the working of courts and how they cave in if you are influential.

Chief Justice of Pakistan should take notice of this incident at the earliest and should make sure to deal away with this case swiftly, so an example should be set for everyone. As put by Khadija, ‘justice should be served, not because I suffered or shed blood, but because tomorrow it could be any one’s daughter. And that time around, a miraculous survival just might not happen.’

The trial for this case after some delay is starting again on May 22, this time hopes are high that court considering all the proofs will come to a conclusion which will provide the justice to Khadija, which she deserves.

All those who are without any personal interest, just to please their masters and gain some trifle benefit here or there are trying to be a hurdle, in this case, should know these lines of J.R.R. Tolkien, “So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.”

Sooner or later, now or then, the impediments will subside and Khadija will be triumphant.