LONDON - Retired batsman Younus Khan believes he still has a lot to offer to Pakistan cricket and will be happy to serve the country in any capacity deemed fit by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Younus, a veteran of 118 Tests and the first Pakistani to go past the 10,000-run mark, says he will first take a break to spend “important and valuable time” with his family and then return to cricket in some coaching capacity.

“I have some plans in my mind but the first thing I want to do is to spend some important and valuable time with my family since they are the ones who have supported me throughout my career, through the highs and through the lows,” he said as quoted by Sky Sports. “I feel that one part of my life has finished and another very important chapter in my life is about to begin.”

After a brief hiatus though, he intends on helping Pakistan. “I want to serve my country in many areas and not just cricket,” he added. “I want to help my nation in whatever way it needs me to. I will be happy to work for the PCB in the future, working with young players in Pakistan and grooming them for the rigours and demands of cricket.”

Younus has been time and again called by his compatriots as one of the best batsman they have seen and they believe he is an equally great human being, and the 39-year-old says he yearns for respect and not records.

“I do not want to be remembered as the man who scored 34 Test hundreds, or the man who made over 10,000 Test runs, or the man who made Test hundreds against all other Test playing nations, or the player who has made Test hundreds all around the world, as statistics do not matter to me,” said Younus.

He continued: “What is more important to me is that I am remembered as someone who put the team first, did not play for himself and put his country first. I want to be remembered as a cricketer who served his country, earned respect and played for the team and not himself.” Younus’ captain at the end of his career, Misbahul Haq, said that the right-handed batsman was an ideal man to follow for youngsters and when asked what he would advise to the younger players, the World T20-winning captain had a lot to say to them.

“I always say to these boys, focus on your own career, don’t worry about others and what they are earning or doing,” said Younus. “Focus on your fitness, work on your own game, work on your weaknesses and areas of improvement. Just think about and work on those things which are under your control.”

He had good advice for youngsters when they face testing times. “Every player faces testing times when things don’t go well for you, but if you concentrate on the basics, and above all are prepared to work hard on your fitness and your cricketing skills you will never go wrong.”

Younus added that youngsters need to learn to put country first and everything else should come afterwards. “Another very important factor I always stress to youngsters and other teammates is the need to remember that you are playing for your country and not for yourself. It’s team first, then the rest. Whether you are playing for your club, your department or your country, your team comes ahead of your individual performance.”