Syed Muhammad Nabeel Jilani   -   Pakistan is facing problems like poverty, terrorism and economic growth. Most of peoples are worried about Pakistan's future and think what will happen after few days.

To resolve all problems, first of all we have to change our-self we are not performing our duty being the patriot Pakistani.

In this respect we cannot make possible to change every one but we can change our self individually. It is only way know to save Pakistan from enemies.

Our great principal Quaid e Azam told us the three basic principals to success.

And these are unity faith and discipline.

He told us these are not for government sector but all like private sector.

Education certainly brings change but it takes time to educate a generation. On the other hand a dynamic leadership, vibrant media and continuance of democratic process takes less time to change the destiny of a nation. We have all the factors here except dynamic leadership. Let's search for new leaders that can bring change. Let's reject the present leadership and vote for new faces in the coming elections who have the capability to change the system.

The educated and urban voters will be in majority in next election and if they all cast their votes on merit, they can beat the unwise selection of rural voters who cast their votes on "bradari" base and bring the same faces back in assembly.

Our great poet Allama Iqbal says, evolve....there are many positive developments also that the beleaguered nation has witnessed since the turn of the century. Pakistan now has a free media and an independent court. These two pillars of the nation can jointly help Pakistan in standing on its feet. Pakistan is one amazing country. It has enough scientific knowledge and technical know how to build atomic bomb and ballistic missiles. At the same time, however, 51 million Pakistanis have no access to essential medicine. 46 million adults cannot read and write.

On the other hand there are thousands of Pakistanis and hundreds of organizations who have decided not to give up on improving life in Pakistan. Instead of waiting for some government to do something, they work on changing things by themselves. "Allah does not change the state of people unless they change what is within themselves" Quran 13:11. These are the Pakistanis who are responsible for the privatization of education in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a rich country and has a lot of resources still not discovered.

We need young leadership.  Young politicians are the hope and future Young politicians are favored over old politicians as they reflect the thoughts of the coming generations. They are more educated therefore will have a lot of new, bright and somewhat unique ideas. They can adapt well to new changes which is, in most cases , difficult for the older politicians.

Don't go abroad for job: Can you know, Pakistani Government spends more than Rs. 10L on engineers and more than Rs.50L on doctors, but still they go to US or UK to earn more. Yes, you may get more salary, more security in other countries but who is going to change Pakistan? An American will not come here to change Pakistan, that is you. Who is going to change Pakistan.

Solve Problems: This is what entrepreneurship is all about. After your Graduation don't find job, instead try to create jobs. If you find a solution to a problem that our country experiencing right now then you may money out of it also this will help people to do thing much better and much quicker.

We should focus on following points..

-powerful leadership

-foreign policy (strategic partnership, policies, defence)

-foreign investment (free trade agreements)

-production (If we start thinking from Today that we have to leave such things which are not good for our country, we can bring the Change.

Vision for a better Pakistan, as articulated by Jinnah, needs to be modified in the light of new realities. Eight important characteristics of vision for a better future of Pakistan which can certainly bring a positive and qualitative change in the country are: i) providing compulsory and good quality education to all the school-going children of Pakistan regardless of their economic or social background, ii) providing the youths of Pakistan better employment opportunities without compromising on merit, iii) emancipation of women and utilizing their talent in a productive manner, iv) focusing on human development, particularly by building modern infrastructure, enhancing per capita income and gross domestic product, v) enforcing the rule of law, vi) eradicating corruption and nepotism at all levels by inculcating better work ethics and promoting tax culture, vii) upholding of merit and accountability in all the professions, viii) providing access to basic utilities, particularly clean and safe drinking water, electricity, gas, efficient and affordable public transport to the people of Pakistan, ix) following a policy of self-reliance by depending on national resources instead of seeking foreign aid and assistance.

Make a change before its to late.