Islamabad - The Islamabad Police in addition to high vigilance and effective policing measures have termed the cooperation of citizens as crucial to curb car-lifting incidents and issued a pamphlet to aware the citizens as how to take preventative measures to control such crime.

In line with the directives of Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Najeeb-ur-Rehman Bugvi, SP Zubair Ahmed Sheikh has led the initiative to compile a list of preventive measures to curb car-lifting incidents. These measures have been got mentioned on a brochure got published by Anti-Car Lifting Cell of Islamabad Police and being distributed among the residents of Islamabad.

It has been advised to install tracker, alarm system and secret ignition or starter in the vehicles and park the vehicles of bikes inside the houses.

A secret mark should be placed to identify the vehicle while Engine of chassis number of vehicles should be described on wind screen through sand blasting. The coil of vehicle should be removed while parking vehicles outside and clutch bar should be used for safety of vehicle.

It should be ensured at the time of purchasing vehicles that all keys have been taken from the seller and keep duplicate keys in your possession.

The imported locks can be used under the steering of vehicles (mostly Suzuki vehicles) for their safety.

The registration number of vehicle, its colour and engine as well as chassis number should be noted separately by the owner and it should be verified at the time of purchase from ACLC, CIA, Rescue 15.

The documents of vehicles should be in custody of owner permanently and it should not be placed in vehicles. The vehicles should be properly locked before parking where the owner or its custodian may see it. The token should be received from the authorities after parking the vehicles especially at Weekly Bazaars and it should be continuously before the eyes of owner for five minutes after parking because vehicles are usually lifted within five minutes after getting them parked. 

The keys of vehicles (Pajero, Honda) should not be given to workers at filling stations or mechanics. The doors should be unlocked or locked by the owners themselves so that duplicate keys cannot be prepared by anyone else. SP (Investigation) Zubair Ahmed Sheikh in a message said that police mobile along with staff remain present in each sector and market of Islamabad round the clock which can be approached in case of any emergency.

He said that police can be further contacted at 15, 051-9203333 in case of theft of vehicle and engine as well as chassis number along with secrete identity mark should be told at these numbers for prompt checking at various points.