ISLAMABAD - The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) will meet Tuesday to consider seven projects including the 4th revised PC-I of 969 MW Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Project.

The other projects to be considered by the Ecnec include Sindh Barrage Improvement Project Phase-II Rehabilitation and Modernization of Sukkur Barrage.

According the agenda of the meeting available with The Nation the meeting will discuss total seven projects from energy sector, physical planning and housing sector, higher education sector, social sector and water sector.

In water sector two projects are Sindh Barrage Improvement Project Phase-II Rehabilitation and Modernization of Sukkur Barrage and Neelum Jhelum Hydroelectric Project (4th Revised PC-I).

The total cost of the Sindh Barrage Improvement Project Phase-II Rehabilitation and Modernization of Sukkur barrage is Rs17908.9 million including Foreign Exchange Component of Rs.2246 million.

The object of the project is to rehabilitate and update Sukkur Barrage for rendering the head works serviceable for another forty years, enhancing capacity of barrage to 1.3 million cusecs from 0.9 million cusecs.

The project is co-shared between World Bank Assistance (IDA Loan- 80 percent), Government of Pakistan (10 percent) and Government of Sindh (10 percent).

The scope of work includes complete rehabilitation of main barrage structures, up-gradation of gate operation mechanism by replacement of counter weight electric operation. Thus off loading barrage structure by 80 tonnes per gate.

Replacement of allied moving parts for operation of gates and extension of gates by 2ft, replacement of electrification, RCC jacketing of head regulators of off-taking canals, channelization of river by dredging, desilting of head reaches of right bank canals, procurement of dredger for permanent operation, installation of instruments for monitoring barrage operation, location studies for construction of new barrage and replacement and safety assessment of Kotri Barrage.

As per the project brief, Sukkur Barrage happens to be world largest diversion head works, and spinal chard for agriculture activities in Sindh.

Commissioned in 1932, is has rendered service for 85 years, which is substantially higher than anticipated life span of 60 years.

It commands 2/3 rd of irrigated area of Sindh which is equivalents to 27percent of irrigated area of all over Pakistan. More over the barrage is almost perennial thus its impact on agriculture is further enhanced.

Almost 20 million population of Sindh depend directly of the barrage for their livelihood. The barrage also contributes for provision of domestic and industrial water supplies as well as raw material for industries.

The barrage generates economic activities to extent of Rs300 billion per annum in agriculture sector only. All previous improvements, rehabilitation and repairs are attributed to remedial actions to arousal of problems.

This project is complete overhauling of the head works, which will render the barrage functional for another forty years.

In case of delay entire economy of rural Sindh is at stake, the briefing warned.

The other project of the water sector is revised PC-I of the NJHPP which cost has been increased to Rs500.343 billion.

The CDWP earlier this month approved to conduct third-party validation of much trumpeted Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project (NJHPP) of 969 megawatt with another upward revised cost of Rs500 billion to ascertain value of money and causes of cost overrun.

In energy sector the project to be consider by ECNEC includes 220 kV Mastung Substation along with 220 kV Sibbi-Mastung-Quetta-Loralai Double Circuit Transmission Lines.

In Physical Planning and Housing sector the purchase of land in Sector H-11/2 for Pakistan Institute of Development Economies will be considered.

In higher education sector, the project of Overseas Scholarship Scheme for PhD in Selected fields (Phase-III) will be considered by the Ecnec.

In social sector, the establishment of Neuroscience at PIMS Islamabad and Devolved Vertical Programmes in Health Sector will be discussed by Ecnec.