ISLAMABAD - Ministry of Planning and Development has established Centre for Social Entrepreneurship to provide opportunities to unemployed youth, women entrepreneurs and students having innovative ideas for solution of social problems.

The Centre will also organize business plan competitions with support of universities and public & private stakeholders for solution of social problems i.e. in education, health, social welfare, special education gender & women empowerment, environment, poverty reduction, sensitization etc.

An Annual Development Plan 2018-19, highlighting future programmes in social welfare domain on Sunday revealed National Institute of Human Rights at Islamabad, costing Rs. 58.70 million will be established. Allocation of Rs. 35.5million has been made in coming fiscal year.

Similarly, construction of working women hostel, G-6/2 and G-7/3, Islamabad costing Rs  290.5 million would be made for which allocation of Rs 60 million has been made. The project  is to be approved by the Forum.

The other programmes for next fiscal are institutional strengthening of Human Rights Ministry, costing Rs 59.5 million with allocation of Rs 43 million and implementation on Action Plan on Human Rights in Pakistan, costing Rs. 57.50 million with allocation of Rs. 23 million for next year.

Acquisition of land and construction of building for National Institute of Human Rights, Islamabad costing Rs 250 million with allocation of Rs. 91.14 million, institutional strengthening of Regional Directorates of Human Rights Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta, costing Rs. 58.5 million with   allocation of Rs. 47.36 million and establishment of resource unit for Autistic children at National Education Center for Special Children, H-8/4, Islamabad, costing Rs. 54.347 million with allocation of Rs. 22 million are the other projects for 2018-19.

The other projects are up-gradation of National Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired Children from Higher Secondary to Graduation Level, Islamabad, costing Rs. 44.637m with allocation of Rs. 27.13m, establishment of Orthopaedic workshop at National Special Education Centre for Physically Handicapped Children, Islamabad, costing Rs. 20.259m with allocation of  Rs. 9.258m and establishment of Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Islamabad, costing Rs. 178.43m with allocation of Rs. 50m.

The development priorities of Plan for 2018-19 focus on mainstreaming target population including children, women with disabilities, youth, persons with disabilities, patients, senior citizen, transgender etc. to secure their livelihood and income opportunities with participations of development partners.

The Plan further focuses on supporting and promoting grassroots initiatives by voluntary social welfare agencies under technical and financial assistance and their appropriate welfare measures,  promoting inclusive education and vocational training for special children and persons with disabilities, supporting day care facilities for children of working mothers, social protection of older people to ensure their rights of health, participation, care, livelihood and protection etc.

The plan also envisages to create awareness on constitutional, legal and international obligations, establish integrated mechanisms to achieve social welfare objectives by reaching disadvantaged groups, education and research for developing professional expertise through universities  and centres of excellence and social enterprises and make adequate financial provision for expansion and strengthening of social welfare services through mitigating and managing the  socio-economic risk and vulnerability.