Islamabad - Traffic snarls and blockages on the Islamabad Highway have become a daily routine as the Islamabad traffic police has failed to ensure a smooth traffic flow. The long queues of traffic starting from as far as Naval Anchorage till Korang Town occur every morning and evening, on the Islamabad Highway. The traffic police officials are unable to control the situation, according to the disgruntled residents and commuters using the highway. One major reason behind traffic jams and long queues is the overtaking by trucks and long-vehicles that causes traffic to slow down, said Muhammad Nasir, a resident of a residential colony on the outskirts of the city.  “Truck drivers will only obey traffic rules and drive on their side of the lanes when traffic police imposes fines and challans,” he said. “But traffic police officials seem either indifferent or unconcerned. The result is that only those who obey traffic rules and maintain lanes are suffering.”

Residents have demanded from Sultan Azam Taimuri, the Inspector General of Islamabad Police, to take notice of the daily suffering of commuters and provide them relief.

Islamabad Highway has a high density of traffic since all traffic coming from Lahore via the GT Road and residential colonies alongside the highway use the two-lane thoroughfare. With the increase in population on either side of the highway and subsequent increase in number of vehicles, traffic rush has increased manifold. The authorities have chalked out a plan to expand the highway to six-lanes but the project is not expected to start even by next year. Till then, locals say that traffic will remain a mess if the police doesn’t take a step to fix it. Residents also complain that daily accidents on the highway further cause jams that can last up to several hours. “People get late to get to offices while students are suffering just as much,” lamented Mrs. Shahida Kausar, who uses the highway daily.