KARACHI - Mohajir Quami Movement-Haqqiqi (MQM-H) chairman Aafaq Ahmed has said that party is going to participate in the general elections with an aim to abolish 35 years rule of so-called stakeholder those remained in rule and destroyed the image of Mohajir community.

Addressing the party workers of district central, he said: “It is regrettable the era to victimisation of Mohajir community has not the ended while our movement is still in progress to get due right.

“We will get our right through constitutions and party candidates will raise Mohajir community issues of assembly floor after marking victory in upcoming general election.”

He further said that MQM remained in the rule for last 35 years but has failed to provide any relief to the Mohajir Community and at an instant it also left behind the key issue of Mohajirs. Party will not going to comprise on any issue and will let the so-called stake holder know how to get rights.

Talking about the MQM-Haqqiqi‘s movement for South Sindh Province, Aafaq said that since decades ruling provincial party practicing the feudal policies held the resident of province as slaves.

 The rural regions of Sindh were also willing to get rid of the incompetent rulers and feudalism but they were still not ready to stand against victimization. The urban region cannot wait further as establishment of the South Sindh province is linked with the progress and prosperity.

He said that party has raised this issue and will initiate a movement to after consulting with other likeminded political forces.