I was one of those few people who used to have doubts regarding Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital because of political affiliations of its chairman until one day, I visited the Hospital where I met the patients who had come from near and far in hope of receiving treatment. I spoke to patients who were lively and hopeful because they were satisfied with the treatment they were receiving at the hospital. That day, I realized that I am a medical student, a well-educated woman, but above all, I am a human who wants to help other humans in need. Just because we have political disagreements with the chairman of the Hospital, it does not mean we stop supporting the poor and the innocents who will be receiving life-saving treatment at his hospital. 

A doctor at the Hospital told me that he is saving the future of Pakistan. He was right because the children who are being treated at SKMCH&RC are the future of Pakistan. If we are not able to help these children fight cancer, we are failing our future.

I recently started working as a volunteer at the Hospital and all the work I’m doing is for charity and not for or against any individual. I am playing my role by helping the suffering children who represents our future. You can play your role too, without hesitation, because when you give donation to this Hospital, you are donating to save innocent lives and you are giving hope to someone to live. If you want to see the future of Pakistan bright, then don’t just talk, do something and help the future of Pakistan fight this disease and be able to live their dreams. 

By Fatima Azeem,