ISLAMABAD - The PTI government is set to make a new record of frequently changing its announced scheduled timing of the national assembly, suggests the previous five months record  and analysis by the legislators in the lower house of parliament.

Timings of the national assembly session in only last six months were revised a number of times, causing plethora of problems for lawmakers especially from far flung areas of Sindh and Balochistan.

In a recent example, the government yesterday revised the timing and date of 10th National Assembly session, which was earlier scheduled to meet on May 21.

The government, through an SMS and email service from concerned media department, has conveyed media, lawmakers and staff to change the date of the national assembly session. As per new schedule, the lower house of parliament will now meet on Friday.

“We have been conveyed when many MNAs from Sindh reached the airport to take their flights for attending the session on Tuesday,” said PPP-P MNA Shazia Marri from Sindh while talking to The Nation. Most of the MNAs, she said, returned to their constituencies (homes) as the schedule has once again been revised by the government.

“Although there is relaxation of rules in the constitution for extraordinary situations, but this government has frequently been changing the announced schedule of national assembly,” said Marri, mentioning that the PTI government is trying to run the parliament according to its own rules and regulations.

Other lawmakers from opposition, having almost the same feelings, shared that the schedules of the parliament have never been changed in this way.

Political and constitutional experts say that the speaker has the power to summon the national assembly session. In extraordinary situation, they said, there is a provision to change the schedule of the session any time.