ANKARA (AA) Turkish prosecutors on Monday issued arrest warrants for 249 Foreign Ministry personnel over suspected links to the Gulen Movement.

An investigation has found irregularities in the Foreign Ministry’s entrance exam between 2010 and 2013 in favour of the group members, the Ankara chief prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

At least 91 have already been detained, it added. Fethullah Gulen, a U.S.-based preacher, is accused by Ankara of orchestrating a failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016.     Tens of thousands of people have been jailed, while some 150,000 civil servants, military personnel and others have been sacked or suspended from their jobs since then.

60 measles cases confirmed in New Zealand’s Auckland

AUCKLAND  -  Sixty measles cases were confirmed in New Zealand’s Auckland including five news cases over the weekend, the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) announced on Monday.

Local media reported that the region is currently in the grip of an outbreak of the highly contagious and sometimes life-threatening illness.

It is understood that the early cases occurred in extended families in West Auckland, so the illness has been passed on for longer in this area, among groups more likely to catch it, ARPHS medical officer of health Dr William Rainger said, adding that central Auckland was the next most affected area.

Vaccination is the only way people could protect themselves and their families from the virus, Rainger said.

Families with children under 15 months, who are too young to have their first MMR vaccine, are advised to avoid large gatherings and indoor events.

So far this year, 29 people had been hospitalized for measles in Auckland and ARPHS has contacted more than 2,800 people who may have been exposed to the virus. On average, one or two new patients were being diagnosed every day.